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Power Transmitter And Isolator
- Jun 01, 2018 -

What is a power transmitter?

Electric quantity transmitter is a kind of parameter to be measured (ac current, ac voltage, active power, reactive power, active power, reactive power, reactive power, reactive power, frequency)

Rate, phase, power factor, dc voltage, dc current, etc.) converted to dc current or voltage (power pulse output) in linear proportion

The amount of instrument.

The new transmitter outputs analog signals with an international standard output current of 4 ~ 20mA two wire loop in sending data and controlling those easy to do with this

Some executors of standard receiving instructions are widely used in the process.

The application scope mainly includes: electric measurement, automatic control and dispatch system of electric power, petroleum, coal, metallurgy, railway, municipal government and other departments


What is an isolator?

The isolator is a kind of linear photocouple isolation principle, which converts the input signal into output. Input, output and work power are separated from each other.

It is especially suitable for equipment and instruments that need electric isolation. The isolator, also known as signal isolator, is an important part of industrial control system.

The isolator USES advanced digital technology and performs well in suppressing high - and low-frequency interference signals, even in high - power frequency conversion

It can still be used reliably in the control system, with digital adjustment, zero - and full - degree potentiometer, automatic dynamic calibration zero and temperature drift

Mobile automatic compensation and other advanced technologies, and in line with the iec 61000-4-4: the application of this series of technologies makes the stability and reliability of products to the department

The promise of learning.

Applicability: the intelligent isolator can be used with unit combination instruments, DCS, PLC and other systems in oil fields, petrochemicals, manufacturing, electric power and metallurgy

It has been widely used in major projects in such industries.

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