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Installation Procedure Of Charging Pile Insulation Monitor
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The function of the charging pile is similar to the refueling machine in the gas station. It can be fixed and installed in the public area.

But how is the charging pile installed? Interested friends can learn about the charging pile along with the small unit of the insulation monitor of the charging pile

Installation steps of insulation monitor:

Installation procedure of charging pile insulation monitor

Charging pile insulation monitor

1. The charging pile is not supposed to be fixed with several holes in the ground and only one wire can be pulled. In fact, the coordinated workload is quite large

, which mainly has four departments, users themselves, automobile enterprises, power companies and property owners. Apply directly to the store in your city

The company applies, and then it goes to the power supply bureau, and then the technical engineer will look at the site and provide the construction plan, and if you install it in the area, you will need it

The consent of the developer.

2. During the construction, we should coordinate the space for installing the distribution cabinet, and ask the owner to move the vehicle to facilitate the construction. The cables that connect the charging piles are smaller than children

The arm of the son is thick, the current of each charging pile is 36 amperes, 4 of which is 144 amperes. In the future, the number of charging piles will be increased

The cable can't withstand more current.

The cables are not laid on the ground, but come from the aerial frame, because there are a lot of vehicles coming in and out of the underground parking lot, and they are laid on the ground.

Once the cable is crushed, it's hard to imagine the consequences. It's a lot of work coming from the aerial frame, but it's worth it for safety reasons.

3. The charging voltage of the charging pile is 380 v, and the current is 36 amperes, which is higher than that of the residents, and the current is strong

Defense department coordination, because many friends have only heard of electric cars, do not really know about it, but to connect the charging pile of the cable high

We need the safety instructions from the fire department.

4. In addition, the charging pile requires the distribution room to re-base the power distribution, because the power load of each community is calculated before installation, if it is small

If 100 volts of electricity is used in the zone, only 120 volts of electricity will be provided to you. Therefore, the high voltage of 380 v of charging pile must run independently, i.e

Set a switch, this part involves a cost of more than 8000 yuan, by ourselves bear.

The utility then pulls the wire from the switch to the charging pile about 200 meters, a construction cost that includes the cost of the pile's hardware facilities

The company undertakes about 60,000 yuan, among which the state has corresponding subsidy policy to the electric power company.