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Five Common Faults Of Power Transmitter
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The five most common failures of a power transmitter may not be known to many. In fact, the power transmitter has input overload protection and output overcurrent limit

Protection, etc. So if something goes wrong with the power transmitter, how do you determine what kind of failure it is? The first thing you need to know about electricity

What are the five common faults of the quantity transmitter:

Five common faults of a power transmitter

Power transmitter

1. During installation, the pressure sensitive parts of the transmitter should be axial perpendicular to the gravity direction. If installation conditions are limited, the transformer should be adjusted after installation and fixation

Zero to standard.

2. The residual pressure cannot be released, so the sensor zero position cannot be lowered. The best way to eliminate this is to remove the sensor and view it directly

If the zero position is normal, try again if the sealing ring is replaced normally.

3. The output of the pressure transmitter does not change, and the output of the pressure transmitter changes suddenly. The zero position of the pressure relief transmitter cannot be returned. The causes of this phenomenon are extreme

It may be caused by the pressure sensor seal ring.

4. Whether it meets the power supply requirements; There is no connection error between power supply and transmitter and load equipment. If there is no voltage or pole on the transmitter terminal

The voltage signal output of the transmitter can be caused by the reverse connection.

5. The shell of the pressure sensor and transmitter generally needs to be grounded, and the signal cable shall not be laid mixed with the power cable, around the sensor and transmitter

Strong electromagnetic interference should be avoided. The sensor and transmitter should be calibrated according to the industry regulations.