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What Function Features Does The Inspector Have
- Jun 01, 2018 -

What function features does the inspector have? You may not know much about this kind of equipment, which is actually an industrial measurement and control instrument

It can be used with sensor or transmitter. So what are the features of the inspector? Battery inspector technology tells you:

What function features does the inspector have?

Battery inspector

1. Universal input function;

2. Automatic calibration and manual calibration;

3. Multiple protection, isolation design, strong anti-interference ability and high reliability;

4. A good software platform for the patrol instrument, with secondary development capability, to meet the advanced modular structure of the patrol instrument with special functions and strong coordination function

Large instrument chip, function combination, system upgrade very convenient;

5. Automatic inspection and manual calibration can be switched freely;

6. The switching time of the patrol channel and the effective number of the channel can be set.