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Installation Of Battery Inspector
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Battery inspector is widely used in production line testing of various battery manufacturers. Its common battery detector includes battery voltage resistance tester

, integrated battery tester, battery capacity tester, lithium battery protection panel tester, battery voltage separator, battery inspector. The following

It is about the steps of installing the battery inspector:

Battery inspector installation

Battery inspector

1. It can measure and record the total voltage, current and voltage of each individual battery at any time (it can be measured in 6-30 seconds).

2. Recording function of floating charge period: the battery condition can be recorded in floating charge, and the recommendation of "uniform charge" should be made timely (external battery detector should be selected).

3. Abnormal alarm: when the battery voltage and temperature are abnormal, alarm will be issued.

4. The mainframe can operate independently or in parallel with multiple machines.

5. The remaining capacity can be calculated automatically to provide the remaining capacity of the current battery pack.

6. The characteristic curves and comparison charts can be listed, and the advantages and disadvantages of the battery can be judged.

7. Recording function: it can record the battery group voltage and current during floating charge and charging and discharging.