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How Are Sensors Classified According To The Measurement Objects
- Jun 01, 2018 -

How are sensors classified according to the measurement object? We all know that there are many kinds of sensors, and different industries need to install different types of sensors

Sensor, how are sensor sensors classified according to the measurement object? Let's see what the leakage current sensor expert says:

How are sensors classified according to the measurement object

Leakage current sensor

If the input quantity is: temperature, pressure, displacement, speed, humidity, light, gas and other non-electric quantity, the corresponding sensor is called temperature transmission

Sensors, pressure sensors, weighing sensors, etc.

This classification method clearly explains the purpose of sensors and provides users with convenience to choose the needed sensors according to the measurement objects

The disadvantage is that this classification method is to classify sensors with different principles into one class, so it is difficult to find out how each sensor has common conversion mechanism

Sex and difference.

Therefore, it is unfavorable to master some basic principles and analysis methods of sensors. Because the same type of sensors, like piezoelectric sensors,

It can be used to measure acceleration, velocity and amplitude in mechanical vibration, as well as impact and force, but it works the same way.