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The Products That Power Communications Bosses All Need
- Jun 01, 2018 -

What are the products that all power communication leaders need? You know what? We have witnessed the development of the electronic communication technology industry

The development of the industry has also promoted the technology of electronic components. In the electronic power communication industry, an electronic component is needed, which is the single-phase ac voltage

The transmitter. Shenzhen is a famous manufacturer of single-phase ac voltage transmitter, especially the LF series single-phase ac voltage converter

The device has become one of the must-buy products of various power communication leaders.

Many people may ask: what is a single-phase ac voltage transmitter? Simply put, the single-phase ac current transmitter is the weight of the power monitoring system

For a component, its function is to replace ac current with dc current. At the same time, it also undertakes the strong electric system and the weak electric system (for example, the computer system)

) to protect computer acquisition system input from high voltage ac voltage breakdown.

A series of single-phase ac voltage transducers convert the measured ac voltage isolation into a single-channel standard dc voltage or dc output in linear proportions

Flow. It has low power consumption, high reliability, good anti-interference capability and high precision (0.5%). One more thing to mention

: its size is small and its shape size is only (mm) : 95(L) * 37(W) * 32(H).