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What are the characteristics of dry transformer technology
- Jun 01, 2018 -

1. Low partial discharge value

IEC guoshu stipulates that under the test voltage of 1.1um, the local discharge value shall not exceed 20pc, which is qualified

It can reach under 1.1um, and the local value is less than 1pc. Even if the test voltage value is increased to 2Um according to Siemens standard, its local amplifier value is less than 5pc.

2. Strong lightning resistance

The initial distribution of lightning impulse voltage along the winding affects the damage degree of insulation of transformer winding

, the ground transformer of China transformer company has good lightning resistance capability.

3. Strong short circuit resistance

The copper foil width of the low-voltage winding is the height of the reactance. The low-voltage current is matched according to the ampere-turn balance between the winding

The axial force is almost zero.

4. Good resistance to dry crack

The transformer is made of filler-type resin and all-copper foil structure. The thermal expansion coefficient of the insulation material is the closest to that of the copper conductor. The company

Various anti-cracking tests have been carried out, such as cold and heat alternating test, thermal shock test and rapid aging test

In particular, it can meet the requirements of low temperature, high temperature and wide range of temperature changes, and can meet the anti-cracking requirements after long-term operation.