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Storage packaging and precautions for 200A dc current transmitter
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Hall current sensor developed and produced by 200A dc current transmitter manufacturer is widely used in inverter device, UPS power source, communication power source and welding machine

Power locomotives, substations, CNC machine tools, electrolytic plating, microcomputer monitoring, power grid monitoring and other facilities that need to be isolated to detect current. then

What is the storage packaging and attention of 200A dc current transmitter?

Storage packaging and precautions for 200A dc current transmitter

Dc power transmitter

200A dc current transmitter packaging products should be suitable for vehicle, ship, aircraft transport, long distance transport, not to be installed in open cars, cabins

During transit, the goods shall not be stored in open storage, and shall not be allowed to be transported in the same vehicle (or other vehicles) with inflammable, explosive and corrosive articles

Transport) shipped, and products are not allowed to withstand rain, snow or liquid substances and mechanical damage.

Precautions for 200A dc current transmitter:

1. The working power supply and output terminals must be properly connected, not connected by mistake;

2. For two potentiometers, do not adjust at will;

3. The original edge bus temperature should not exceed 60 ℃;

4. When the current bus is filled with the original edge threading hole, the optimal measurement accuracy is obtained;

5. The operating environment shall be free of conductive dust, non-corrosive metal and gas damaging insulation, and the altitude shall be less than 2500 meters.

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