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Reactor classification
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The reactor is an electrical device that relies on the inductance of the coil to block the change of current.

Reactor can be divided into 7 types by use:

Voltage limiting reactor. Series in a power circuit to limit the value of the short circuit current.

Parliamentary parallel reactor. Generally, it is connected between the end and the ground of the ultra-high voltage transmission line and plays the role of reactive power compensation.

Signal reactor. Also called a wave suppressor. A series of transmission lines used concurrently as a communication line to block a carrier signal from entering a receiving device

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Automation arc suppressor. Also known as arc suppression coil. Between the neutral point and the ground of a three-phase transformer, used to supply electricity at one phase of a three-phase grid

Inductive current, to compensate the capacitive current flowing through the junction, makes the arc not easy to ignite, thereby eliminating the overvoltage caused by repeated arc reburning.

Reciprocity filter reactor. Used to reduce the amplitude of ripple on bamboo current in rectifying circuit. Also may be constructed with a capacitor that resonates with a certain frequency

A circuit to eliminate the voltage or current of a harmonic in a power circuit.

Corn reactor. Connect with the furnace transformer to limit its short circuit current.

Slash starting reactor. Connect with the motor to limit its starting current.