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How the reactor works
- Jun 01, 2018 -

The reactor used in the power network is essentially a hollow coil without magnetic material. It can be arranged vertically as needed,

Three types of assembly are horizontal and character. When a short circuit occurs in the power system, a large number of short circuit current will be generated. If not restricted, yes

It is very difficult to keep the dynamic stability and thermal stability of electrical equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of some circuit breaker's blocking capacity, it is often out

Series reactor at line circuit breaker to increase short circuit impedance and limit short circuit current.

Due to the use of the reactor, when a short circuit occurs, the voltage drop on the reactor is large, so it also plays the role of maintaining the bus voltage level

So that the voltage fluctuation on the bus line is small and the operation stability of the user's electrical equipment on the non-fault line is guaranteed. The action of the reactor

Series reactor and parallel reactor are commonly used in power system. The cascade filter reactor is mainly used for limiting

Short circuit current, also in series or in parallel with capacitors in the filter to limit high harmonics in the grid. 220kV, 110kV, 35kV,

The reactor in the 10kV power grid is used to absorb the charge capacitance and reactive power of the cable line. The operation can be adjusted by adjusting the number of shunt reactors

Voltage. The uhv shunt reactor has many functions to improve the reactive power related operation of the power system, including:

(1) capacitance effect on light no-load or light load lines to reduce power frequency transient overvoltage.

(2) improve the voltage distribution on long transmission lines.

(3) the reactive power in the line should be balanced on the spot as much as possible when the load is light, so as to prevent the irrational flow of reactive power and reduce the power on the line

The loss.

(4) reduce the steady-state voltage of working frequency on the high voltage bus when the large unit is parallel with the system, which is convenient for the generator to be parallel at the same time.

(5) to prevent the self-excitation resonance of the generator with long lines.

(6) when the neutral point of the reactor is adopted through the small reactance grounding device, the small reactor can also be used to compensate the circuit phase to phase and ground capacitance to accelerate the potential power supply

The flow is automatically extinguished for ease of use.