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Dry transformer installation method
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Each transformer has a specific operating environment, and the normal operating environment of a dry transformer includes a maximum temperature of less than one kilometer above sea level

At 40 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius, and the average daily temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. But the temperature is always changing, so it should be

Adjust the transformer according to the instruction. Then, how to install the dry transformer?

Dry transformer installation:

Before installation, read the instructions carefully, understand the specific installation steps, pay attention to the attention of the equipment and other relevant contents, and prepare the required ones

Install the equipment.

When installing, attention should be paid to ensure the distance between the equipment and the wall is about 5 meters, and the adjacent equipment should also be about 5 meters.

Usually, the transformer can be installed on site directly at the place of use according to the installation drawings and instructions. After checking, it can be directly installed

However, for safety reasons, the screw can be embedded in the installation site. It is worth noting that the screw installation position should be completely in accordance with the regulation of the transformer

Lattice. Some transformers are equipped with rollers, which can rotate at 90 degrees. Some transformers have shells.

Avoid shell deformation and affect the normal use of transformer.